Earth Domes

Using the freely available material of earth, each earth dome has been constructed as a separate workshop in a very hands on learning experience. Many hands young and old have helped in the process of their creation.

These beautifully flowing round structures have their own personality and time spent in one of our domes is a unique and distinctly grounding experience.

Solscape has two EarthDomes to choose from – one  Large Double, and one Small Double.

The Large Double Dome is fit with a queen bed on ground floor and an open space on mezzanine floor above.

The Small Double Dome is fit with a queen bed, and is one level only.

Earth Dome guests share communal facilities.  Beds are made up with quality linen.



To book one of our Earth Dome, please click here.

We also offer Surf lessons, Massage Therapy and Yoga on-site. For more info, please click here. To book any of these activities, just contact us.


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