“With the realization of one’s potential and self-confidence in one’s ability one can build a better world.”

~ The Dalai Lama

Wellness and Self-development for Individuals

Holistic Bodywork is offered by our practitioners to assist you to de-stress, relax and revitalize. Choose from cranial-sacral therapy, a variety of massage styles and Reiki, or perhaps inquire on how to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Holistic Self-Development sessions offer you the time to focus on your inner journey, gain clarity and a deeper understanding of ‘Self’ and your unique life direction and purpose. Perhaps try an in-depth Soul’s Journey astrology reading, or a life-direction coaching session – or a blend of the above.

Take the time and gift some one-on-one time to your wonderful self or a loved one soon – Learn more about our therapists their style of practice here…

Wellness and Self-development for Groups

Holistic Wellness Workshops, Retreats and Seminars will feature throughout the year facilitated by our resident practitioners and other guest facilitators from around the South Pacific and beyond, catering for groups or individuals who want to improve their health and raise their awareness.