“I believe it is through connecting with our authentic self that we rediscover the wellspring of deep inner stillness, wisdom, strength and joy within each of us, thus allowing healing to occur on many levels.”

~ Bernadette, Director of Yoga and Holistic Bodywork


With over 15 years experience as a physiotherapist, Therese’s practice of holistic health deepened with her own journey into yogic lifestyle and mindfulness meditation since 2009. Since then her array of bodywork has broadened and taken her from rural Australia around the world, learning, adapting and evolving her heart-centred practice along the way. The key point of any session with Therese is deep relaxation, a state from which we can more easily connect with the innate wisdom within to go through the healing journey (life!) with awareness, compassion and connection.


Etai (DHypPsych; UK) is passionate about helping people to create meaningful change in their lives. His primary intention as a therapist is to create a lasting positive change in a person’s life and empower them to continue on their path to a happy, free and healthy life. Each session is different and tailored to meet the client’s own needs.

As an experienced brief therapist and solution-focused hypnotherapist he has over ten years of experience with clients from all over the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities.

Brief Psychotherapy Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy.

  • Lift depression rapidly
  • Trust your unconscious for important decision making
  • Get over trauma (PTSD) in the safest, fastest, most effective way
  • Sleep well again – overcome insomnia naturally and have more energy
  • Overcome unwanted habits and fears
  • Build greater self-confidence

No matter where you are in your life at the moment, you can work together to overcome any issue you are facing in the most efficient way possible.


Ush de la croix is from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Ush’s field of expertise covers a myriad of healing modalities including energy healing through touch, sound & frequency.
She is a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui & Ryoho method of Reiki, aTraditional Maori Healer working on levels of cellular memory and Wairua/Spirit through Mirimiri & Romiromi.

Her mission in this lifetime is to impart tools and teachings, gearing individuals up to empower themselves, finding their truth within.


Shannon is a Massage Therapist who has been based in Raglan since 2006. After completing her diploma in therapeutic massage with remedial body therapies in 2010, she has worked in leading spas worldwide, and as a dedicated therapist on private yachts.
The combination of disciplines she has studied has allowed Shannon to create a holistic approach to the human body, engaging the mind, body and spirit to promote healing.
She has developed her practice with the understanding that the human body is a beautiful and complex interconnected web, affected by both the physical and emotional aspects of everyday life.

Massage Icon - Sean


Thai Yoga Massage
Sean’s introduction to practicing Thai Yoga Massage began in 2012 when he completed his training with Don Bertram at the Sunshine Network Centre.

“I find massage to be both intuitive and meditative and am continuously studying and developing my understanding. I look forward to meeting you!”

Jenny Gaunt

Jenny offers Shiatsu Massage, a Japanese form of therapeutic body work. She completed a 3 year diploma in 2006 at the Metta Shiatsu College of Aotearoa.

Stretches, mobilizations and pressure points are used to rebalance the energy (ki) flow of the client, which promotes a sense of deep peace, revitalization and awareness.

The session is performed fully clothed on a comfortable futon mat with no oils.
Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.


Emily graduated in 2009 in Auckland with a Diploma of Therapeutic Massage and Remedial Therapies. To maintain her professional knowledge over the years, she has completed certificates in Advanced Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, and Myofascial Release. Whether you just want to have a good relax, or want to leave feeling like you have a new set of muscles, she will draw on her varied range of skills to provide you with the best treatment to suit your needs.
Emily is a registered member of Massage New Zealand, which assures you that she is a highly competent therapist who maintains her industry knowledge by fulfilling a prescribed number of professional development learning hours per year. It also means that your treatment cost may be reimbursed by your health insurance provider, depending on your individual policy.
A talented massage therapist with strong hands, a big heart, and a calm and caring personality, book with Emily for myofascial release, therapeutic, deep tissue or sports massage, post paddlers relief, aromatherapy, relaxation, or pregnancy massage.


Joe is a vastly experienced sports and remedial massage therapist with an infectious passion and skill for helping people overcome chronic soft tissue pain and life limiting injuries.

With ten years industry experience working with elite athletes and the general public he focuses on locating the problem causing the pain and/or limited movement so that long-term health can be achieved.

“This is often not where the client will feel the discomfort on a day-to-day basis, but the area that must be treated in order to realign soft tissues and improve skeletal function to make lasting change, long term pain relief and improved performance.”

Joe trained at the world leading ‘London School of Sports Massage’ in 2010 gaining the advanced industry leading level 5 Diploma. Combined with his degrees in Sport and Exercise Science and Physical Education along with his elite level sports coaching and performance background, Joe is uniquely placed to diagnose and treat multiple soft tissue conditions with expert anatomical and biomechanical knowledge. His techniques include relaxation, remedial, deep tissue, soft tissue release, neuromuscular tension relief, myofascial relief, PNF and rehabilitative functional exercise.

“I have worked with all walks of life, from London Marathon runners, Surfers, Premiership Rugby Teams, GB Rowing and Hockey Team players to everyday trade and office workers. I just love to help people overcome pain or injuries that stop us from doing what we love and living a healthy life.”