March Film Series at The Conscious Kitchen – Solscape

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Film Screenings

This March, we have teamed up with KASM (Kiwis Against Seabed Mining)  to present a series of film showings at The Conscious Kitchen.


Wednesday 8th March

From 6pm enjoy a delicious vegan curry from The Conscious Kitchen – $18

Film screening 8.30pm – $2 Koha

(proceeds go to KASM)


“Unbroken Ground”

Our food choices are deeply connected to climate change. Food will play a critical role in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. Join us to celebrate the release of Unbroken Ground, a compelling new film by Chris Malloy that explores four areas of agriculture that aim to change our relationship to the land and oceans.

And “The Fisherman’s Son”

Born and raised at Punta de Lobos, Ramón Navarro found his passion riding the biggest waves on the planet. But his accomplishments in giant surf are just one part of a bigger vision to protect the culture and environment of the Chilean coast.

Wednesday 15 March

From 6pm enjoy a delicious vegan curry from The Conscious Kitchen – $18

Film screening 8.30pm – $2 Koha

(proceeds go to KASM)


“180 South”
Chris Malloy’s film strikes so deeply into the heart of Patagonia’s wilderness we come to feel at home there. 180° South: Conquerors of the Useless follows Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. Along the way he gets shipwrecked off Easter Island, surfs the longest wave of his life — and prepares himself for a rare ascent of Cerro Corcovado. Jeff’s life turns when he meets up in a rainy hut with Chouinard and Tompkins who, once driven purely by a love of climbing and surfing, now value above all the experience of raw nature — and have come to Patagonia to spend their fortunes to protect it.

Q&A with Solscape Co-Founders Phil McCabe and Bernadette Gavin

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Q & A with Co-Founders Phil and Bernadette

We speak to Co-Founders of Solscape – Phil McCabe and Bernadette Gavin a bit about how Solscape has developed over the years and what is in store for the future.


How long have you been living in Raglan?

P: 22 years and 4 days

B: I grew up in Raglan, left when I was 17 to travel and came back for what I thought was going to be a brief visit when I was 28.


What inspired you to buy the Raglan Wagon Cabins and start Solscape?

P: We were in Byron Bay and I saw a place called The Arts Factory and even though I had zero money, within an hour I had figured out how I could buy it.. I just had to make it happen. I had been working away from Raglan and really wanted to stop doing that!

B: I have always wanted to have a place where people could come to be inspired and reconnect with nature. I searched the whole world for a suitable spot and wound up back in my home town!


What has been your favourite project in Solscape’s development?

P: Generally implementing the permaculture practices. But specifically the Tipi area was the funnest project because we were able to build a little village up there!

B: Setting up the yoga and massage aspect of what we offer.


Where did the name Solscape come from?

P: I think it was Bernadette who came up with the name. Just a play on words – in a physical sense we see the sun rising to setting – Sol meaning Sun and in a spiritual sense it’s also a hint/lean toward the landscape of the soul.

B: A blend of Sol as in the sun and Soul, and escape, seascape and landscape.


Is there anything you would have done differently along the way?

P: There are always things in retrospect that you could do differently but really you just add that learning to what you do next.

b: I agree with Phil.


What would you say has been the biggest learning curve for you?

P: Gaining a deeper understanding of how we as humans affect the environment and ways that we can reduce those affects.

B: That all good things take time!


What do you hope people get from a stay at Solscape?

P: I hope that people get what they need while they are with us. Whatever that might be I hope the space we provide allows for people to get filled up on what they need.

B: I hope that people get the time and space to reconnect with the natural world, themselves and also with others in a positive way. I feel its important for us all to revive, to rejuvenate. It not only has a huge impact on our own world but also has a ripple effect out to others and the whole planet.


Are there any big plans for the future?

P: Yea we’ll be moving on from Solscape soon … unsure of exactly what will be next but there is definitely no shortage of things to do.

B: Huge plans for the future – watch this space!


What is your best memory from Solscape over the past 14 years?

P: So many memories … It’s all been great, met so many wonderful people but for me the early years, while it was a lot of hard work and ridiculously long days the lasting impression from those years is overwhelmingly positive.

B: Yes, a lot of memories, a lot of amazing people. But, although Solscape finally feels like the place we envisioned in 2002, I tend to agree with Phil. Those early years, although very very hard – revamping the entire property with a little baby on my hip! – those were the days we were so amped up on what we wanted to achieve and so inspired to do it that are the most memorable. :-)


Bernadette Gavin 

Home Garden Workshops

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Would you like to have a productive happy garden? Our expert gardener Shai has specially designed a spring/summer series of workshops perfect for extending your gardening knowledge and skills. The 4 workshops will cover a wide range of information and knowledge about gardening for food production. From home garden to big market garden practices, come learn and get your garden going.


Workshops run 10am – 1pm and are held by Shai here at Solscape

Please call (07) 825 8268 to book your space

Adults $25 per workshop – children free

Bring: Gardening gloves/tools (if preferred)


Sat 15th October – Starting a garden

Learn how to start a garden from scratch  – from lawn to a productive garden bed.

Sat 29th October – Compost making and worm farming

We will build a compost heap with diverse inputs of organic matter and learn about ratios and the importance of the “right” balance for your compost. Also we’ll look into the world of worms and how to utilize their gifts.

Sat 19th November – What’s in the green house?

How to grow your seedlings at home and look after them till they’re ready to go out into the garden.

Sat 26th November – Garden prep and planting

We will prepare a garden bed and plant seasonal vegetable plants and beneficial flowers.

5 Things To Do In Raglan This October

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As the weather warms and the days get longer, the pull of Raglan only gets stronger. What are some of our favourite past-times as locals? We have listed 5 things to do in Raglan this October for you to tick off the bucket list. Enjoy!

Mount Karioi

1 ) Hike Mount Karioi


Mount Karioi is an Ancient Volcano and the sacred mountain for the local people, she lays between the Whaingaroa (Raglan) and Aotea harbours. Known by many as The Sleeping Lady due to her silhouette farm particular angels, Karioi is very much an icon of Raglan and provides us with shelter from southwesterly winds and perfectly wrapping waves as swell lines bend around her lava flow shorelines.

Climbing Karioi is a perfect mission that will imprint memories with every stunning vista. There are two tracks to take to the Summit. We recommend the Mt Karioi Track beginning at Te Toto Gorge as it is the most scenic and is closest to Solscape. This is an advanced track with exposed and steep areas, as well as chains to assist ascent in some parts. But the view from the Summit is well worth the hike!

Getting there: This track starts at Te Toto Gorge, about 8km from Solscape. (the last 4 km of Whaanga Road is unsealed)

Time to summit: 4hr – 4hr 30min return trip

Tips before you go: 

  • Choose a clear day to ensure you get the best views and hiking conditions.
  • Take plenty of water and snacks to keep you going.
  • Pack cold weather gear,  a hat and sunscreen as the track is exposed in areas and weather conditions can change quickly.


Tony Sly Pottery

2) Get your taste of Raglan Art


The local artisan scene is very vibrant in Raglan and we are lucky to have so many talented artists in our quirky little town. Take an afternoon to browse the many galleries … you never know the perfect piece for your place might be waiting for you?

From paintings to pottery and boutique clothing designers, Raglan has got it all!

Explore the Raglan Creative market held at the Old School Arts Centre on Sunday 9th October where you will find an array of amazing local foods and treasures.

In town you can find many beautiful art galleries such as Jet and Matapihi. Or venture to some artist’s own studios?

Here are a few of our favourites

  • Chis Meek (Panel and Paint) Chris works with a lot of recycled materials from old car bonnets to old magazine clippings. You can find his work at his gallery on Cross street.
  • Jwan Milek (Photographer) Specializing in surf, scenic, commercial, portrait and wedding photography you can find Jwan’s work at The Raglan Photo Gallery on Wainui Road in Raglan West.
  • Tony Sly (Pottery) His beautiful collection of hand-made pottery can be found at his shop at the Raglan Wharf, you may have seen a few of his pieces in our Eco Baches.


Solscape Surf Lesson

3) Get out in the Ocean


Get ready for summer by getting your ‘Surf On’!

Slipping on a wetsuit and getting in the ocean makes you feel alive. Whether surfing is something new to you or if it’s one of your favourite past-times, the warmer weather makes playing in the waves a must do this October!

We offer surf lessons for every level and ability with world class instructors, to help you achieve your surfing goals!

Or hire a board and wetsuit? Solscape is in the perfect location for getting to Raglan’s surf breaks. We are just a short scenic bush walk from the Beach and overlooking the world famous Manu Bay.


Raglan sunset

4) Find the perfect Sunset Spot


Being on the West-Coast, Raglan almost always puts on a spectacular show at sun-down. With the days getting longer, the opportunity to see the sky light up gets a whole lot easier. The sun will be setting between 7:30pm and 8pm this October so find yourself a cosy spot to witness the magic.

For the romantics, perhaps a picnic at the top of the beach at Wainui Reserve,  fish & chips at the Wharf, or a lovely walk on the beach?

And for the more adventurous types, explore the top look-out at Te Toto Gorge, watch the waves roll in from Whale Bay or sitting on your surfboard at Manu Bay?


yogaDOme Landscape

5) Take a yoga class


Raglan is fast, becoming a yoga orientated community. We just can’t get enough! Yoga can be something to get you through every day struggles, keeping you grounded by focusing on body awareness and breathing. Stretch and strengthen your body as you take your yoga practice to the next level.

Solscape is home to the Raglan Yoga Center which holds many yoga classes weekly. Join us on the mat as we take that journey to bliss. Here is this month’s schedule:


  • Led Beginner Astanga with Dee – 5.30pm


  • Hatha with Lou – 5.30pm


  • Kriya Kundalini Yoga with Venu Krishna Das – 8 am
  • Restore with Dee – 5.30pm


  • Rasa Asana with Venu Krishna Das – 9 am

Or you could even sign up for a yoga retreat with Premaloka from 28th-30th October?


Contact our friendly staff for any more info or tips to make your Raglan experience unforgettable.

14 Years of Solscape

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Solscape BIRTHDAY2

This Month we are celebrating our 14th birthday!

It is incredible how much Solscape has grown over the past 14 years.

We have had so many amazing people pass through who have really helped shape Solscape into what it is today.

We just want to thank you for being a part of our journey.

The Solscape Kids

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We Speak to Molly and Sequoia, the daughters of Solscape about what it was like growing up at Solscape and Raglan.
How old were you when you guys moved to Solscape?
M- 8 almost 9
S- 10 months
What’s your first memory there?
M- I remember getting a pony for my birthday and her arriving in the truck. Her name was Babe.
S- It’s kind of hard for me … climbing the beautiful Silkwood tree at the front. Oh and playing goldilocks and the three bears with my Grandma in one of the Trains.
What was it like growing up there? 
M- It was pretty cool … and annoying. Cool because we had lots of room to run around and play and explore. Annoying because Dad was always at work and we’d be all loaded up in the van to go somewhere and have to wait for him. Hah!
S- Umm … hmmm … pretty much the same as Molz. When I was a bit older it was good cause I wasn’t afraid to go up into the bush.
With all those travelers, I bet you met some nice people over the years?
M- Yea, we’ve had a lot of really nice people come through. I remember one of the first Wwoofers called Jess that was really funny. We all went to the hot pools together one night.
S- Yes I did.  Grace from Scotland was really nice and had heaps of fun with Josh, Scotty and Andrew from California. So many people!
Did your Dad make you help with any of Solscape’s projects?
M- Yes, I painted the first Recycle bins, I helped with the Eco Baches when the earth bricks were being laid and staining the weatherboards. I’ve also worked in housekeeping, reception and social media stuff.
S- Yep, I helped with making the Earth Domes and I used to help Mum in the gardens and now I do a bit of filing in the office.
Raglan is a pretty groovy town, what was/is your favourite thing to do growing up here?
M- Definitely jumping off the bridge! And also walking down to the beach with a couple of soft tops and playing in the waves.
S- All the after school activities, dance, drama, horse riding and walks on the beach playing in the tidal pools.
What’s the best thing about Solscape?
M- After traveling all around the world and of all the places I stayed nowhere was as unique and magical as Solscape. (maybe I’m bias?)
S- Being able to roam up into the bush and the stream and being close to the beach.
A Family Holiday in Australia
Family Photo with some of our first WWOOFERS Karen and Gav
 The Kids riding bikes around the old office

3 for 2 Deal Extended

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We have extended our 3 for 2 deal until September 10th!

Book any 3 consecutive nights up to September 10th and pay for just 2!

*3 for 2 bookings must be made by email or phone, 07 825 8268
*Standard rates apply – Offer valid for bookings made by July 31st, 2015
*Cannot be used with any other discounts

3 4 2 poster


Winter Special: 3 for 2

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Take a break from the hustle and bustle and step into Raglan’s winter stride with our Winter Special:

3 for 2

Winter Escape Offer!
Stay for 3, pay for 2

Book any 3 consecutive nights up to August 31st and pay for just 2! 

*3 for 2 bookings must be made by email or phone, 07 825 8268
*Standard rates apply – Offer valid for bookings made by July 31st, 2015
*Cannot be used with any other discounts

Book your accommodation here.



Permaculture Garden Intern Position Open

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Solscape is looking for a passionate permaculture garden intern interested in a free education and a hands-on opportunity to learn organic food cultivation in a permaculture environment. Do you have experience and are you looking to gain a bit more? Have a tent and need a tent site to pitch it on?

If you are willing to work hard in exchange for this learning experience and a chance to experience Solscape’s eco-culture and the Raglan surf lifestyle… we would love to meet you. We’re seeking a passionate, motivated intern for an 8-12 week term to help our grounds flourish. Please send cover letter & CV to


The Raglan Yoga Centre at Solscape

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The Raglan Yoga Centre at Solscape is excited to offer weekly classes for Solscape guests and the Raglan community.

Our team of qualified and experienced teachers, lead by Solscape’s co-founder and Director of Yoga, Bernadette Marama Gavin, draw from a mixture of yoga styles catering for all levels from the absolute beginner to the more advanced yogis.

Yoga Concession Cards are now available! Three class passes can be purchased for NZ$36 and ten class passes can be purchased for NZ$100.

Visit Solscape Reception or give us a call at 07 825 8268 to purchase your pass and book into our next session today!

The summer schedule for The Raglan Yoga Centre is below.

Namaste.Monday / Ashtanga Yoga with Dee – 5:30 PM
Tuesday / Ashtanga Yoga with Dee – 7:30 AM
Tuesday / Meditation with Wayne – 5:30 PM
Wednesday / Mindful Yoga with Wayne – 7:30 AM
Wednesday / Hatha Yoga with Danica – 5:30 PM
Thursday / Flow Yoga with Bernadette – 7:30 AM
Friday / Flow Yoga with Bernadette – 7:30 AM
Saturday / EmPower Yoga with Bernadette – 7:30 AM
Saturday / Flow Yoga with Bernadette – 10:00 AM
Sunday / Hatha Yoga with Danica – 10:00 AM