“Riding waves always and without fail, strengthens and nurtures the wellbeing of my physical, emotional and spiritual self and holds me securely in a sacred balance where to be the highest expression of myself seems entirely without effort.”

~ Dave Rastovich, Pro Surfer, Environmentalist & Solscape Friend

Become a Solsurfer

We invite you to visit Solscape’s in-house surf school where we pride ourselves on offering expert tuition and fun times for any level. Let us introduce you to the world of surfing and it’s unique etiquette and giving you a glimpse into how we live as Raglan surfers. Come experience what it means to be a Solsurfer living on ‘Raglan Time’.

Our Instructors

Our team of instructors operate with the highest regards for your safety while also ensuring that you have tonnes of fun while improving your surf skills. Warning: You may never want to leave this very special time zone and lifestyle! 

Surf Lesson and Hire Menu

We offer range of lessons and surf packages that suits your skill level and time-frame. We are also happy to design surf retreats for individuals or groups that want to combine a stay with a unique surf experience, plus options to include other wellness and fun activities. A range of boards and wetsuits are also for hire. Whether you want just a  few hours to longer rental deals we will match you up with the right gear.