Raglan is world-famous for its long (some would say endless) left-hand break.

Head west from Raglan town centre along the coastal road and discover a series of surf breaks that cater for beginners to world-class pro surfers.

Ngaranui Beach – (suitable for all levels)

The long flat sandy bottomed beach offers nice surfing options for beginners to expert surfers. All year long, the beach  provides the perfect environment for our beginners to intermediate lessons. It is Raglans’ main swimming beach, patrolled by lifeguards with surfing allowed all down the beach on either side of the safety flags. This the best options for most surfers with limited experience. Please do not go on to the following surf spots unless you are a consistent advanced intermediate surfer.

Manu Bay – (suitable for advanced intermediate to expert)

Manu Bay boasts a left hand point break which works from 2 to 10 feet+, breaking over 300m was featured in the 1966 movie The Endless Summer.  IT IS NOT a Learners, Beginners or low-level Intermediate place to surf. It has alternate hollow and wall sections, occasional barrels, and is usually about 2/3 the size of Indicators. Please do not go there to surf if you cannot consistently surf well and are able to surf alongside very fast, skilled surfers who go there to enjoy the challenge of the conditions (larger waves, rocks) – it may be dangerous to you and your board.

Whale Bay – (suitable for advanced to expert surfers only)

A left hand point break that breaks up to 200m in length, from about 2 to 8 feet+. It has two sections, an inside hollow section up to about 4 feet that breaks very close to the rocks, and an outside, slower section from 4 feet up. It has been rumoured by locals to link up with the next break further down – Manu Bay – but only on very large swells, making a potential ride of up to 2 km from the top of Indicators. The shore line is rocky and access is limited and tricky at times.

Indicators – (suitable for expert surfers only)

A left hand point break that breaks for up to 600m, from 2 to 10 feet+ (Hawaiian scale). It is a long-walled, fast wave with occasional barrels, particularly on the low tide. It picks up a lot of swell and is very consistent – a real adrenaline pumping favourite of the very skilled surfers. It’s access is limited and tricky at times.

There are more places to surf…. but we might keep those a secret for a while longer…