Wild Seasonal Fermentation Workshop

5th July

Facilitator Emma Greenslade


Spend a day learning how to use cabbages, produce from the garden and “weeds”, to create fermented Sauerkraut, Condiments and Drinks.   Experience the process of harvesting, preparation, settling and caring for a ferment.  

We will discuss the benefit of microbial rich food on the plate and for the immune system.  The life cycle of fermented products and how to form habits to include it in your lifestyle.

 Once you understand the basic processes and gain clues to ensure success, you will be able to produce your own Ferments, tailored to your tastes, what’s available seasonally and your circumstances.

Workshop will run from 10am to 2pm 5th of July

Cost is $75 Includes a jar of Sauerkraut to take home and shared garden soup for lunch.

For bookings and enquires please call Solscape on 07 825-8268 or email info@solscape.co.nz

Discounted price for both workshops. Intro to Organic Gardening and Wild Seasonal Fermentation cost for both $ 185